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STH Inc., which is providing services in Medical and Aviation fields was established in 2003. In the scope of services, STH is the Turkey Distributor of RAD-PRO International GmbH since 2006 which is the responsable for sales, maintenance and technical services for the Worldwide of the all products of RADOS which is one of the pioneer manufacturers of the Thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) systems.

RADAT Dosimetry Laboratory Services Inc. has been established by STH Inc. and RAD-PRO International GmbH on February, 2013.

RADAT Dosimetry Laboratory Services Inc. assertively aims to perform a service for the personal dose measurement and monitoring according to the Radiation Safety Regulation with the increasing of the using of Radiation in different fields.

RADAT Dosimetry Laboratory Services Inc. renders a service for whole body, skin and extremities (ring, wrist) and eye (lens) doses measurement within the scope of personal dose measurement.

Our laboratory uses the same TLD technology with Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) which provides personal dose measurement and keeps the all collected data.

Our dosimetry service provides electronic reports to the users by distributing, collecting, measuring and reporting of the TLD dosimeters and also transfers the recorded data to TAEK Central Dose Registry System. The second measurement and reporting will be provided if appropriate or in the direction of the requests.

Radat Dosimetry Laboratory has successfully passed the audit conducted by TÜRKAK and has obtained TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation certificate (AB-0730-T) and 2015/DS-3 numbered Dosimeter Service Certificate of Compliance.