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Skin Dosimeter

Skin Dosimeter

• For Radiation personals/workers hand-foot (extremity) or skin annual equivalent dose limit value is 500mSv. Measurement of Skin dose is necessary together with whole body dose measurement in respect of type of examination and department.
• Measurement of Hp(0,07) skin dose is performed with combinations of different filter in our laboratory

Finger Ring-wristlet dosimeter

Measurement of ring-wristlet dosimeter is important due to nuclear medicine which is high probability of radiation contamination and interventional radiology. Two different types for gamma or beta-gamma radiation are available.
For photon radiation requires LiF:Mg,Ti TLD elements and for photon and beta radiation requires thin layer LiF:Mg,Cu,P TLD elements.

• Comfortable to wear
• Usable under surgical gloves
• Officially approved by the PTB disinfect able and cold sterilize able
• Perfect radiation protection, inexpensive, leading in technology
• Storage under water 24h