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Dosimetry Laboratory

Dosimetry Laboratory

• Sending Dosimeters
• Receiving Dosimeters
• Evaluation
• Analysis
• Reporting
• Saving and archiving results
• Sending the dose result reports and transfer to TAEK ( National Central Dose Record System)

Dosimetry laboratory has Rados type passive personal dosimeter cards, IR-2000 TLD irradiator, N2 generator, RE-2000A TLD-Reader and Reader’s software WinTLD.

Whole body Hp(10), skin Hp(0,07) and eye (lens) Hp(3) equivalent doses evaluated using with MTS-N and MCP-N elements for different types of radiation ( X-Ray, Gamma and Beta).

The reader can automatically process up to 200 dosimeter cards or 800 single TL-elements at one load. The maximum processing speed is 180 single element or 100 two element cards per hour.

The irradiator which involve Sr-90 source is irradiated the TL elements up to 100mGy and irradiated 500 dosimeter cards per hour.

Nitrogen generator supply 5 lt nitrogen which purity is 100 ppm in a minute.